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Jeff Mills, Brian Koz, Dr. Mike Woo Ming


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You are invited to a special VIP webinar with Dr. Mike Woo Ming and Brian Koz on Outsourcing your own lead generation with a powerful money making and lead generation software called, "LEAD EVOLUTION".

Leads are essential for any kind of business. Especially for Affiliates, Bloggers, Local Businesses, brick and mortar storefronts, Infopreneurs, Ecommerce Stores, Real Estate Agents and Brokers, Chiropractors, Network Marketers, Solopreneurs, Churches, Non Profit Organizations, Direct Sales Leaders, Insurance Agents, Health and Fitness Gurus… and the list goes on and on.

I want to show you a *LIVE REAL TIME DEMO* of their Lead Evolution Software to show you the power of never having to ever buy a lead again. I know people who have spent $10,000s a year on buying crappy leads and they did not get sales from those leads.

The problem was, those leads were not BUYER leads. How would you like BUYER leads looking to purchase your stuff NOW… not later?How would you like to become an affiliate of a program that pays BIG COMMISSIONS and sell leads to those program owners or product owners and get big finder's fees?

All you need to do is sign up for the webinar, and watch our live demo to see if this is the lead generation software that you have been looking for!Even is you cannot be here live, you'll get access to the replay within 24 hours!

Here is what of the people have said about Lead Evolution review:

"Looks like a great piece of software and I reckon it could probably save hours and hours of time for the entrepreneur…"

- Glen Kirkham


"It seems really good. I could see all kinds of ways I could make money with it"

- Adam


"Dr. Mike Woo-Ming and Brian Koz have developed a slick new traffic generator called LeadEvolution. It combines various resources to find people who are interested in or asking questions about almost any topic that would come up in one of these lists. More and more sources will be added in the future."

- Liz Nichols

Here is what Lead Evolution will do:

Lead Evolution is simple to use and  is a very revolutionary piece of software that sits on your desktop. It downloads and is ready to go in minutes to bring you targeted leads over and over again.


It goes out and combs the internet to bring you targeted leads that are asking for your product or service. You choose the niche and Lead Evolution will bring you a list of fresh leads in a matter of seconds. How many leads? There can be 100's to even 1000's of leads in your niche daily. You can even search geographically to target anywhere you choose. It can even find leads Internationally. These leads are not going to be spammed by you.

Don't miss this excellent webinar! If you cannot make it, sign up anyways for a free replaying of the entire webinar.